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Vol 12, No 3 (2016): August

Special Issue on "Psychological Investigations of Humor and Laughter: Honoring the Research Contributions of Professor Rod Martin" (guest-edited by Nick Kuiper)

Table of Contents


Psychological Investigations of Humor and Laughter: Honoring the Research Contributions of Professor Rod Martin PDF HTML
Nicholas A. Kuiper 312-319

Research Reports

Personality, Humor Styles and Happiness: Happy People Have Positive Humor Styles PDF HTML
Thomas E. Ford, Shaun K. Lappi, Christopher J. Holden 320-337
The Relationship Between Humor Styles and Forgiveness PDF HTML
William Hampes 338-347
Cognitive Distortions, Humor Styles, and Depression PDF HTML
Katerina Rnic, David J. A. Dozois, Rod A. Martin 348-362
The Dark Side of Humor: DSM-5 Pathological Personality Traits and Humor Styles PDF HTML
Virgil Zeigler-Hill, Gillian A. McCabe, Jennifer K. Vrabel 363-376
Longitudinal Associations Between Humor Styles and Psychosocial Adjustment in Adolescence PDF HTML
Claire Louise Fox, Simon Christopher Hunter, Siân Emily Jones 377-389
Strategically Funny: Romantic Motives Affect Humor Style in Relationship Initiation PDF HTML
Theresa E. DiDonato, Brittany K. Jakubiak 390-405
Birds of a Feather Laugh Together: An Investigation of Humour Style Similarity in Married Couples PDF HTML
Christian Martin Hahn, Lorne John Campbell 406-419
Children’s Understanding of Self-Focused Humor Styles PDF HTML
Lucy Amelia James, Claire Louise Fox 420-433
The German Version of the Humor Styles Questionnaire: Psychometric Properties and Overlap With Other Styles of Humor PDF HTML
Willibald Ruch, Sonja Heintz 434-455
Consequences of Laughter Upon Trunk Compression and Cortical Activation: Linear and Polynomial Relations PDF HTML
Sven Svebak 456-472

Theoretical Contributions

Clowning in Health Care Settings: The Point of View of Adults PDF HTML
Alberto Dionigi, Carla Canestrari 473-488
Three Holy Men Get Haircuts: The Semiotic Analysis of a Joke PDF HTML
Arthur Asa Berger 489-497


Three Decades Investigating Humor and Laughter: An Interview With Professor Rod Martin PDF HTML
Rod Martin, Nicholas A. Kuiper 498-512